My first ‘real’ post!

Well, a few days ago, I decided to write. Medium was a great platform but then I was really confused coz I don’t write that good. Wanted to do it on my WP account. Did not feel like opening it. Wrote it on Keep and stored it for going through later.

After a couple of days, I wanted to write again! This time, wrote it as an email and saved it in my drafts coz I did not know who to share that to.

I bought a domain and hosted on a server that I took, not for myself but, for a client and shared it with 10 other domains. Don’t worry, I don’t do business that way. The cost for the server is also shared equally among the 10 websites.

Now, I did not decide on what to actually write before buying the domain ( It was long pending and just had to happen.

Since I did not decide on what to write, I came up with a few of my interests and will talk mostly about them in the website / blog! (read: Blog Categories)

1. Perspective, Learning, Experiences & more!
Will share my perspective about things around me, everyday learning and most importantly, my experiences (good or bad)!

2. Hacks, Reads, Food & more!
Everyday learning implemented! Presenting to you, takeaways from the things I do out of curiosity!

3. Dreams & more!
Thoughts, planning and definitely a deep dive into myself.

4. Coding, Cubing, Interests & more!
Exploring, Coding, Cubing and everything that interests me!

5. Digital Media & more!
My learning and thoughts about the medium. Need I say more?

6. FYI
Thoughts and related stuff from something that I saw / heard somewhere! Hope this helps you 🙂

Me to myself : "A**hole, that's a lot of commitment!
 My other me to me : Don't worry, make time for yourself and you'll definitely start .... <draft saved>

PS : Tagging this post in the Dreams & more! category as, my current stats prove that, chances of me blogging regularly are quite low. Let’s see if this moves to the FYI category!

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