Information Consumption!

After I saw this TED Talk, I started to think about information consumption and the way we do it.

I really like to write long posts, but in this category (‘thoughts’), I’ll do my best to keep posts crisp!

So, get to the point by starting off the discussion about the Five senses that we have.

1. Our sense of smell – nose

2. Our sense of vision – eyes

3. Our sense of feeling – skin

4. Our sense of hearing – ears

5. Our sense of taste – tongue

Let’s look at these from a UX perspective.

1. Nose – NA – Perfumes – (NA)

2. Eyes – Video, Image, Text – Movies, Photographs, Books (YouTube / Netflix, 500px / 9gag, Amazon / GoodReads)

3. Skin – Wearable – Vibration (on a mobile phone or fitbit / goqii / Mi Band ) – not to forget the huge market of sex toys!

4. Ears – Audio – Music (mp3,  iTunes / VLC,  Spotify / Saavn / Apple Music – You get my point right?)

5. Tongue – Loads of Food (Zomato / FoodPanda)

So … two things to this.
Above are websites, that have something to do with each respective sensory organ (or sense) 😀 – These are really useful to us, made a decent impact on most of our lives and helped us get better deals each time we wanted in the last 4-5 years.

Coming to consuming information, we usually do it with our eyes and ears. Rest of the senses act as adjectives (describe) to whatever we see and hear.  I came to believe that, eyes or ears might not be the fastest or the best way to consume information or send information to your brain.

Now, why do I say that?

It is extremely important to understand that different people have different abilities. But, standardizing the process of getting information into the minds of people will definitely help humanity move forward.

This was what happened, in the last 3 decades, when Desktop Publishing took off. Or an even when newspapers, radio and TV came out. Information being given to people was the same, but different people understood the same information in different ways, added their own perspective to it and finally took a decision or did something based on that information (like buying stocks or saving money, etc.).

So, in the process of standardizing, we as humans did not (probably) evolve enough use to the best channel to get information to our brain! By best channel, I mean blood stream!

Why blood stream all of a sudden? Think about it, getting information to your brain, through your blood stream will make the information game a level playing field. Hence, everything you do depends on, not how much information you have but, what decision do you take with the information that you have?

Felt this direction to thought and information consumption was interesting, hence the post!

Another day, another thought, another post!!

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